Barnett  High Street.

urban infill: 24 apartments and small office units. >2006

Detail planning approval for backland development to a brownfield site to the rear of the high street.

The application was an ‘uplift’ of an existing approval to provide a more sustainable mixed use scheme.

The existing land is a mixture of carpark + dis-used retail storage. the sloping site overlooks a residential area.

The scheme would link this to the high street, providing a good pedestrian link

Uplift: the existing development is overlayed with our proposals (highlighted).

We, achieved, through considered endeavour an uplift of +15% on the scheme, making it financially viable.

There is a passageway linking the high street to the residential element behind, we have located a retail unit on this node, which benefit from through footfall.

The elevations are predominately brick with contrast vertical panels.  Metal cladding is used on the bays + balcony structures.


uplift profile:

context plan: