nb:architects+ lease plans

nb:architects+ are a professional provider of land registry compliant lease plans backed by comprehensive professional indemnity insurance.

+ Specialists in Residential & Commercial Lease Plans.

+ Fully compliant with Land Registry requirements.

+ 2 - 3 working day turnaround. Same day or 24 Hour services available.

+ Ability to service large property portfolios.  

+ Fixed price structure, with reduced rates for repeat work.

+ All inclusive service.

We work to the requirements of the Land Registry

On confirmation of acceptance of fee and terms and conditions, We then visit the site or building (as required) to conduct a dimensional survey.

All are plans are produced in the latest professional CAD systems.

Our systems are capable of integrating any original documents accurately into CAD.

We issue the documents as .PDF via email, to each respective party.

We carry out all necessary and reasonable amendments free of charge and usually within minutes of a call.

We will support you through the process, until the plan has been accepted by the Land Registry.

Contact us for a free consultation and a direct Quote.

fee scales:

+ Title plans: £89

+ Transfer and right of way plans:£175

+ Deed of Variation and Rectification plans:£220

+ Conveyance and Estate plans:£280

+ Commonhold plans:£180

+ Commercial lease plans for a single unit: £175

+ Commercial lease plans for a multiple units on the same site:     £155

+ Industrial unit:£180

+ Licensing plans:£200

+ Marketing plans, per unit: £48

+ 3D floor plans, per unit:£105

Full details of our services and the requirements of the Land Registry can be found at our sister website: