Newmarket, Cambridgeshire.

Mixed use town centre urban infill block

Detail planning application.

50 housing units including an affordable housing element and two retail units to ground floor+underground carpark.

The site is located adjacent to a conservation area and opposite the severals, an important urban greenspace in the town.

The scheme forms part of an urban gateway redevelopment for the town.

The existing buildings on the site are late victorian, which are surrounded by large retail sheds+ a multistorey carpark.

The massing profile of the proposals attempt to marry the varying scale of the adjacent conservation area and the large retail elements opposite.

The island site gently slopes down into the town. the massing of the scheme + change of materials were chosen to give it a verticality + provide focal nodes to each of the corners.

The built form also addresses the street, with legible entrances and clean vision lines for the retail element.

The courtyard over the retail element is tiered and takes advantage of the distant views over the severals.

Basement: car park and relocated conservative club.

Ground floor: two retail units + delivery access & affordable housing element facing the street with access to accommodation above.

First-fourth floor: u-shaped block around the landscape courtyard, access to the units is via the courtyard which in tern has a generous stairway to street level.

The buildings are predominately red brick, with a stone clad block opposite the severals. there is an attic storey set back to accentuate the stone block.

The block has a strong angular roof form mirroring the site fall.


existing site:

location plan, existing buildings:

street elevation-massing:

location plan, proposed buildings: